April 29, 2024

Nordic Plastics Group
Unveils New Identity
as Nordic Polytech Group

Nordic Plastics Group, a major player in CNC-machining high-tech plastic components in Scandinavia, is excited to announce its rebranding as Nordic Polytech Group, effective 2024-04-10. The change reflects the company’s new direction to reach markets outside the business field of polymers, such as plastic-metal alloys or even aluminum.

“This opens a completely new field for us. Using our skills to deliver even more advanced assembled products will make us an even more interesting partner to our OEM customers,” says Patrick J. Kaufmann, CEO of Nordic Polytech Group.

The decision to rebrand as Nordic Polytech Group comes after years of demands from customers to expand our portfolio to non-plastic alloys and assembling. This new identity is a natural progression that aligns with our mission to be the customer’s first natural choice as a supplier and a partner for the future, and our commitment to produce first-class components.

Customers, partners, and stakeholders can expect a supplier with continued dedication to service, innovative solutions, etc., from Nordic Polytech Group. All company operations, products, and service offerings will transition to the new name as the VAT number remains the same.

About Nordic Polytech Group:
Nordic Polytech Group is a professional CNC machine shop specializing in producing high-tech components and sub-assemblies. With a focus on light materials, Nordic Polytech Group is dedicated to delivering CNC-machined high-tech components worldwide. Our knowledge of materials and processing methods helps the customer achieve the best efficiency.

Nordic Polytech Group is part of Söderbergföretagen; a family-owned group with companies in the fields of industry and technology trading.. We invest in niche market leaders that we develop further through long-term ownership – but most importantly we invest in drive, entrepreneurship and commitment. Söderbergföretagen was founded in 1995 and consists of four business areas: Components, Electrical Power, Infrastructure and Technology Trading. With head office in Malmö we have a total of 500 employees and a turnover of 2 Billion SEK.

Patrick Kaufmann